Media Realease – Investors invited aboard revolutionary sea vessel

12 May Media Realease – Investors invited aboard revolutionary sea vessel

The most significant advance in small sea vessel technology ever seen is being offered to business investors in USA, Europe and Asia for development in these regions.

The Sea Ski, a patented boat design that delivers speeds of 90 km/h in its 6.5m (21ft) prototype format, is currently undergoing development in Australia and Asia for commercialisation.

The first production models of 9m (30ft) length for the recreational market are projected to produce speeds upwards of 120 km/h (65 knots) in average seas of 1.7m (5.5ft) with cruising speeds of 90-100 km/h.

The remarkable part of the technology is that the design can maintain these very high speeds in sea conditions that considerably slow down all other boat designs.

Investors offered 25%

The technology enables the boat hull to ride up on special skis when gathering speed which are then further supported by air pressure under the hull, so the vessel both floats and skims over the sea surface.

Sea Ski Australasia Ltd, an Australian public company limited by shares, is offering 25% of the company to investors when it goes public on Friday, May 13, 2011 (Australian time).

The company will list on the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB), offering 20 parcels at $30,000 (Aust) each.

The offer document, containing the business projections, can be viewed at

The Sea Ski business will be a low overhead operation being concerned only with the marketing, management, quality control and delivery aspects of the business. Actual manufacturing will be let out to aluminium boat builders that have been closely assessed for their welding and fabricating skills.

Apart from Australia and Asia, the technology will be the core component for two other regional producers, being North America and Europe, which are expected to commence business in 2012 depending on progress with investors in the regions.

$165m US sales by year 4

North America will comprise, USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean Sea nations.

The region is likely to support 11 contracted boat manufacturing companies to cope with all local demand.

North American annual production is expected to closely approximate that of Europe and should see by year four at least 600 recreational craft a year being sold at a value of $165,000,000 (US). This is a conservative estimate.

Sea Ski will also develop an 18m (60ft) version that will be considerably faster than the recreational version for military/enforcement/rescue roles and for very high speed ferry routes.

Each of the production regions will be autonomously operated to comply with local legislation.

The new technology is not only a very significant advance in boat speeds, being nearly twice the speed of average vessels of like size and power, but also introduces many other “world firsts” for small sea vessels.

By virtue of its speed capabilities, the vessel gives very good fuel economies by travelling much further for fuel consumed than its competitors and, as such, is less polluting.

And where the vessel has to operate in enclosed waters and near installations and moored vessels, it throws an insignificant and non-damaging wake at its very high speeds.

Helicopter alternative

Its minimal draught when ski-borne allows it access to shallow waters and reduces strike threat to marine creatures.

Other claimed advantages are that it should lower the incidence of sea-sickness, increase the life of its engines due to the lighter work load and enjoy better resale values.

It is also thought that the design could be competitive in some respects to helicopters, especially in the purchase and operating costs, and where helicopters need to endure long hover periods because of no landing facilities.

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